Sales Engineering

Sales/Solutions Engineering/Architecting is a hybrid of sales & engineering. An individual in this industry is a human that is a sales person that understands engineering & underlying technological architecture, as well as an engineer that understands the subtleties of sales.

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What is SE.IO?


The main goal & initial catalyst for this site was to build a global community of Sales Engineers. We chose Slack as our platform of choice as that's where a lot of folks are today already. Go to to join!

Technical resource

Although we're in our infancy, in the future I would love to see us build out a collaborative space to help build technical acumen in other SEs across the world. Moreover, wouldn't it be cool to have a space to learn how other companies, SEs and our cohort of friends do their jobs effectively?


This is only in its infancy, but one of my goals was to build out a centralised, topical & useful resource for folks in the SE industry, those thinking about joining or simply those who are curious. If you wish to contribute, just let me know. Otherwise, visit for the full deal!

Support Network

Being a frontline SE can be hard work. So having a network of supportive folks is important, and that's a huge goal with SE.IO. Career advice, technical guidance & a place to sound off when you're stressed!